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Cash Management Services

at Opus Gold

For those clients who do not want exposure to investment risk with all or part of their money we provide a personal service for your cash management. We source excellent rates from many providers so that your money works harder for you.

Your solution will be bespoke to you and designed so that you can have maturing fixed term deposits staggered in-line with your requirements. Following feedback from our clients their most important factor currently is for us to ensure they are not individually exposed by more than the £85,000 to any one parent company, in-line with the UK Governments Guarantee Limit. Many banks are branded as one company but owned by a parent company, for example Standard Life Bank is actually owned by Barclays, NatWest is owned by RBS. Within our cash management service we will research this for you so you don’t have to, giving you peace of mind that you will not be over exposed.

So how does it work? Initially you tell us how much cash you want us to manage and we will provide you with the best rates we have available for the various times scales you require, split between providers. There is only one small application form to complete to set the account up and even your ID is only required at the start and not on each renewal. Our service can be as personal or remote as you require without the usual cross-sale meeting which can be experienced at Banks and Building Societies. Deposits can be made by Cheque or sent electronically.

A month before each deposit matures we will contact you to establish your requirements. If you want to roll over the cash into other deposits we will do the same research for you and you can decide what deposits are best for you. No new ID is required if your circumstances have not changed, everything will be dealt with conveniently and exactly to your specific needs.

You will receive details of each investment via the provider in the post. You will also have your own Secure Personal Log-in page on our website to view the combined holdings in one place whenever you desire. You can also email or call us to discuss your holdings at any time.

There is an initial set up charge of £125, only paid at the very beginning, waived if you have investments with us. Each paper based deposit incurs a one off £20 charge and the on-going charge is only 0.5% per year.

Why don’t you take at look at our rates within the cash management section and view the tutorials to see how happy our clients have been with our service. If you then feel this service is right for you and you would like us to help please call us or send an initial enquiry via email and someone will be in touch.

Set up fee waived if you allow us to manage your pensions or investments

Cash rates are available upon request and subject to change.


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