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If there is one service you can outsource within your business it is your employee benefits. There is a menu of services you can provide your staff, some of which will apply and some of which will not. As with most aspects of your business you constantly undertake a cost/benefit analysis and your staff benefits should not be excluded.

If you could provide your staff with:

The benefits you want them to have
Your staff self managing the administration system
Within a low tax efficient cost environment
Interested, then please contact us for an initial consultation.

Auto-Enrolment means there are some benefits you will have to provide but you are not allowed to provide advice so outsourcing should be your first call. We will provide you with all of the options, be it NEST, Stakeholders or GPP’s and guide you in what solution best fits your company.

We can help with add-ons, such as Group Life Cover, Private Medical Insurance or Health Insurance; we can even provide a Will Writing Service to your employees at a group discounted price.

Many options can provide your business with tax savings to help absorb the costs. This could mean salary sacrifice pension payments or indeed salary sacrifice life cover; we have the experience to provide the guidance you need.

Our web based solutions mean you have access on-line to bulk view your staff benefits but at the same time your staff can view their individual benefits securely on-line as well. This means they can manage their own details so you don’t have to.

You will build a business relationship with one of our advisers so you don’t lose track and we can update you with legislation changes.

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