Employee Benefits

We Offer advice for employers in relation to providing pensions, life assurance, income protection cover, critical illness insurance and medical insurance to your staff. Your employees may perceive that these benefits have a far greater value to them than the actual costs to the employer. It will also enable you to comply with the Auto-Enrolment legislation.
Your employees will value the additional benefits you provide and help you improve staff retention levels. These can also help you manage certain risks within the business and can be a useful tool in remuneration negotiations.
These benefits are likely to cost much less than you think with some offering attractive tax benefits.

See some of the benefits we can provide:

  • Pension Solutions
  • Group Life Assurance
  • Relevant Life Cover
  • Income Protection / Permanent Health Insurance
  • Critical Illness Cover (CIC)
  • Private Medical Insurance (PMI)
  • Flexible Benefits


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