Many advisers can leave you with the uneasy feeling that you have just been sold to, or they have taken an order to top up an existing pension or investment.

Then there are those advisers who do seem to take a more professional approach, after all, they did spend an inordinate amount of time filling in that questionnaire! More often than not the ‘fact finding’ exercise is a wasted opportunity for both the client and the adviser.

We believe that the only way to plan effectively is to seek to understand our clients own goals and desires. It is only when these goals are clearly understood by the adviser and client that a full and complete financial strategy can be sought.

We’re not suggesting that financial products are unimportant; on the contrary we spend considerable time and energy ensuring that our knowledge is continually up to date. We just believe that selling products shouldn’t be the start and finish of financial planning.

Financial planning should be a continual evolvement throughout life and that is why we follow a four step process with all our clients to give what we believe is a perpetual service for life.

“As for the future, our task is not to foresee it but to enable it.”

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