Last week saw our Auto-Enrolment event at Porsche Centre Mid-Sussex, which was a great success. It was a very successful evening where the delegates finally realised the huge impact the Work Place Pensions Reform will bring. They realised that the work involved for every UK company is extensive even if there is an existing pension in place for the staff.

Although the weather was scorching we had a good attendance at the showroom from Accountants, HR people, an employment law solicitor and business owners from East and West Sussex.

Andrew Crabb, General Manager of Porsche Centre Mid-Sussex welcomed everyone and spoke briefly about the new range of cars from Porsche.  Simon Hasler, managing Director of Opus Gold gave a comprehensive presentation on Pensions Auto Enrolment, employers duties, timelines for events, communications, certification, postponement and penalties.

There were many questions from our guests relating to their own businesses or clients requirements and Simon took time to answer all.  Feedback so far is that the event was very useful and all attendees learned that there is much more to Auto Enrolment than they had anticipated.  The use of a Porsche car for a weekend was won by Bob Dick of Surrey FA. The Pimms, canapés and car viewing went down a treat too.

Thank you to all those who attended. Want to find out more about Auto-Enrolment? Click Here >

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