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We’re excited to announce that this website has been listed as one of the top 25 contenders for the Best Advisor Websites 2015 by Professional Advisor.

Professional Advisor describe what they are looking for as,

‘There are many ‘things’ a good website should offer. These range from the obvious: simple navigation; contact details and good spelling and grammar, to the not-so-obvious, such as who the site is targeted at; whether it has good SEO (search engine optimisation); and its use of optimised graphics, video and audio.

But the secret to a successful website lies in firms’ ability to answer the following two questions: ‘how do I get the people I want to look at this site?’ And ‘how do I get them to hang around long enough to engage with us once they do?’

We’ve put a lot of effort into the content and design of our site – including video step by step guides, regular blogs, finance updates and round ups, quick online enquiry forms and quotes, newsletters and social media updates. We hope that our clients find these useful and are always adding to and updating the site.

We are proud to have made the top 25 contenders and look forward to hearing the final top 10 at the end of July. View full details on Professional Advisor here.

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