Here at Opus Gold we recently received this great feedback on the training session that we ran on Pensions Reform, so we thought we’d share with you all…

“A brief note relating to the Workplace Pensions Reform course organised by CVSF in June, and which you brought to my attention

Three of our Management Team at the Somerset Day Centre in Kemp Town attended this CVSF event in June, and we found it extremely useful. Simon Hasler of Opus Gold Financial Consultants, who was impressively well-informed on the subject, provided a thorough overview of the changes being introduced into workplace pensions, and alerted us all to key procedures and responsibilities for employers. Equally important, the detailed information provided by Simon during the whole meeting was clear and understandable; no mean feat given the complexity of pension scheme options. And the presentation was backed up by helpful documentation

In fact we found the CVSF session so useful that we later arranged for a separate meeting with Simon Hasler and ourselves, at which we were able to look in detail at the choices relating specifically to our requirements for a staff pension scheme at the Somerset Day Centre. This additional session has again proved extremely useful. Whatever success we achieve in due course will be in no small measure down to the support and guidance we have received from Simon Hasler.

And we are of course grateful to CVSF for setting up the pensions reform session in the first place.”

Fabia Bates
Corporate Partnerships and Skills Exchange Manager
Brighton and Hove Community and Voluntary Sector Forum

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