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Financial Times:” How to choose a financial adviser”. It is just under two years since financial advice ceased to be ‘free’. During that period, public confusion about advice seems only to have grown. But with radical reforms to the pensions rules coming into force next year, it is more important than ever that consumers know what good advice looks like, where they can get it and how much it should cost.

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Financial Times:” Parents still confused by Jisa/CTF system”. Junior Isas are three years old this weekend, but the children’s savings market remains characterised by risk aversion, high charges and confusion over the right choice of savings vehicle, advisers said.

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Financial Times:” Personal pension provision plummets”. Personal pension provision among self-employed men has plummeted even as the government’s policy of automatic enrolment has led to a higher take-up in the rest of the working population. Click here to go directly to the article

Financial Times:” Higher capital gains rate fails to deliver more tax”. Capital gains tax delivered less for the Exchequer in 2012-13 than in the previous two years, in spite of a recovering stock market and a higher levy. Click here to go directly to the article



The Times:” Tax havens will end in 2018, says OECD”. Tax havens will no longer exist in five years as a result of sweeping rules to combat tax abuse, a leading global think-tank has said.

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The Times:” Give patients tax cuts for going private “. Patients should be allowed to opt out of the NHS in exchange for a tax rebate to buy private cover, a free market think-tank has urged.

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The Times:” ‘If I die first, my partner will lose thousands because he is a man'”. Pension rules are penalising gay couples plus some men in traditional marriages

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The Telegraph:” Labour’s 50p tax plan makes Britain less attractive than Australia for the wealthiest”.Accountants argue a return to the 50p top rate of tax would be ‘a backwards step’

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The Telegraph:” Voters to get letters showing how much of their money is spent on benefits”. Families will be sent personalised statements containing pie charts showing exactly how much of their earnings are being spent on areas including the welfare, health, education and foreign aid budgets

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The Telegraph:” Mad: how a diagnosis of dementia could lead to higher death taxes”. You may feel fit enough to plan financially, but a doctor’s opinion could upset the process

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The Telegraph:” The Government made me squander £66,000 on rotten pension”. This prudent saver was forced to buy an annuity at the worst possible time and with no prospect of reprieve – unlike those who retire next year

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The Telegraph:” Self-employed? You’re ‘stumbling into pensions nightmare'”. In a dangerous trend, entrepreneurs and freelancers are failing to save for their retirement. We outline four tax-efficient tricks they can use to boost their pension

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