Synopsis: The Government are launching a campaign to highlight the changes to the State Pension, payable from April 2016, and what individuals reaching State Pension Age after that date can expect to receive under the new system.

The Government has launched a new campaign aimed at workers ensuring that they understand the how the State Pension from April 2016 is changing and what level of pension can be expected in retirement, Pensions Minister Steve Webb has announced.

Under the tagline ‘Your future, your pension’, the communications drive will aim to broaden the public’s understanding of how the State Pension is being changed from April 2016, and what the reforms mean for their household. Advertisements will start appearing later this year.

A service to give people a personalised written estimate of what they can expect to receive under the new system is also being launched based on their work history and National Insurance (NI) contributions to date.

Initially available to the approx 2.5 million people who reach State Pension age in the first 5 years of the new scheme – currently between April 2016 and August 2021 – the service will be expanded gradually over the next 18 months, eventually becoming available to all working age people.

To apply for a new State Pension statement, visit here For full details on the Single Tier State pension see out library document here.

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