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Financial Times:” Charity suggests pension savings as ‘buffer'”. The pension’s auto-enrolment system should be used to help every household to save a £1,000 ‘rainy day’ fund for financial emergencies, a debt charity has urged. Click here.

The Times:” Pension freedom for the five million?” Britain’s army of pensioners could be granted the right to sell out in the proposed shake-up
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The Times:” Time to declutter your financial strategy”. Most portfolios — like most homes — acquire clutter that, if not dealt with, will get in the way of an investment strategy. The potential returns on better-performing shares and funds could be dragged down by the poor showing of laggards. The only way to avoid this is regular de-cluttering exercises. Times Money guides you through the process. Click here to go directly to the article

The Times:” Married couples ‘should get milestone tax breaks'”. Married couples should receive ‘milestone’ tax breaks of increasing value when they reach their fifth, tenth and twentieth wedding anniversaries to reward them for staying together, a former high court judge has said.
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The Times:” Why the annuities sell-off won’t work”. Could ‘second-hand’ annuity sales be the next endowment scandal? Some financial advisers have warned that the suggestion by Steve Webb, the pension’s minister, that annuity-holders should be able to sell them for a lump sum could disappoint. ‘Many pensioners would welcome the option to be able to cash in their annuities for a cash lump sum. However, the sting in the tail is what value they are likely to be able to get, and in reality this may not be good,’ says Jonathan Watts-Lay, director of Wealth at Work, a financial adviser.
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The Telegraph:” Why second-hand annuities are doomed to fail”. Steve Webb’s hopes for a second-hand annuity market raise the prospect of some chilling outcomes, says Richard Dyson
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The Telegraph:” HMRC investigations into buy-to-let spark surge in tax receipts”. A crackdown on landlords has resulted in record hauls of capital gains tax for HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC)
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The Telegraph:” £11,000: The cost of a flexible pension on an average £29,000 pot”. A report warns how high charges on pension income products gradually shave a third off an average pot of £29,000 over the course of a retirement
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