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Date posted: Monday, December 15, 2014



Financial Times:” Investors to lose tax break after renewable energy abuses”. Ministers have cracked down on exploitation of a tax break meant to help early-stage companies raise finance, as figures show investors poured more than £1bn into the Enterprise Investment Scheme last year. Click here to go directly to the article

Financial Times:” ‘Pensioner bonds’ to offer up to 4%”. New government savings bonds for the over-65s will offer interest rates of four per cent a year over three years and 2.8 per cent over one year, well above the rates available in the broader savings market.

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Financial Times:” Winners and losers in the state pension shake-up”. The biggest overhaul to the state pension in decades promises to deliver greater economic security and peace of mind to millions of future pensioners. But the historic reforms due to rollout in 2016 could also disappoint hundreds of thousands of people coming up to retirement, who are deeply confused by the changes or who believe they are in line for a more generous state pension.

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Financial Times:” Regulator demands changes over annuities”. The City regulator has recommended big changes to the annuity market and left the door open to compensation payments, after a damning report exposed poor sales practices by insurance firms. Click here to go directly to the article



The Times:” Over-65s can soon earn 4% on savings “. Another big break for pensioners is on the horizon in the form of the long-awaited pensioner bonds, which will offer savers over the age of 65 better rates than anywhere else.

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The Times:” Play a waiting game with your pension”. Pension companies were criticised by the City watchdog again this week for shoddy practices around the sale of the annuities that many people still buy with their retirement pots to deliver a regular income for life. They aren’t adequately highlighting the benefits of shopping around for the best deal and in some cases are not informing people with high blood pressure and other common risk factors that they are eligible for higher rates with special ‘enhanced’ annuities.

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The Times:” Pensioners must wait for annuity clean-up “. Britain’s financial regulator has come under fire for repeatedly failing to clean up the pensions market, as fears grow of another mis-selling scandal when sweeping reforms take effect in April. Click here to go directly to the article

The Times:” Older borrowers turn to equity release as loans are rejected”. Desperate homeowners are turning to alternative money raising options after being told they are too old to take out conventional mortgages or renew deals.

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The Times:” Helpline hell as taxman admits service is not good enough”. People who phone HM Revenue & Customs can be put on hold for more than 40 minutes, or simply cut off, according to damning research published today by the consumer group Which?

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The Telegraph:” Insulting rule on war medals and inheritance tax is finally scrapped “. Senseless tax rules meant only war medals for ‘valour’ attracted inheritance tax breaks, while others didn’t. Now those rules have been changed

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The Telegraph:” Pensioner Bonds to pay 4pc and 2.8pc, NS&I confirms”. Government Pensioner Bonds will pay rates of almost double the best equivalent returns available elsewhere, National Savings has confirmed

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The Telegraph:” I’ll definitely buy an annuity – and here’s why”. It’s been another bad week for annuities. The City watchdog unearthed a pile of evidence of misselling by insurers to people who were turning their pension savings into a lifetime income.

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The Telegraph:” Annuity mis-selling scandal: could it be as big as PPI?”. Comment: could the mis-selling by insurers of annuities result in compensation on the scale of payment protection insurance mis-selling, with savers in line for pay outs worth billions?

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