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Date posted: Monday, August 18, 2014



Financial Times:” Insurers warn over ‘inappropriate’ pension products”.

Insurance company executives and financial advisers are concerned that the government’s pension reforms will lead to inappropriate products being marketed to investors, but they nevertheless expect a rush of new companies and offerings in the retirement planning market, new research has shown. Click here to go directly to the article

Financial Times:” Chart that tells a story...inheritance tax”. Inheritance tax is getting harder to avoid

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The Times:” Claim every break you can as the taxman gets tough”. FAMILIES are paying the price for the generous tax regimes enjoyed by global companies, as the government intensifies its campaign to squeeze every last penny out of the bank accounts of middle-income taxpayers, experts warn.

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The Times:” Teach your children how to handle money”. If you spent your holiday suspecting that your children do not know the value of money, a survey by the Young Persons’ Money Index will confirm your view.

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The Times:” 5 steps to keep the taxman off your estate”. Savers were dealt another blow this week after tax officials drew up proposals that could force some people to pay inheritance tax while they are still alive — but there are some easy steps they could take to minimise their bill.

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The Times:” Osborne warned over raids on late taxpayers”. The banks’ lobby group has warned that customs officers should not be given powers to raid the accounts of people who have not paid their tax bills.

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The Telegraph:” ‘The Isa switch that will save us £10,000′”. These parents invest £300 per month for their children – and have just discovered how to slash their Isa charges

The Telegraph:” Give middle-class families a tax break, government adviser urges”. Ros Altmann, the Government’s champion for older workers, warns that people who don’t consider themselves even ‘remotely wealthy’ are being hit by taxes intended for the rich

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The Telegraph:” My five rules for finding the best Isa provider”. The Government welcomed our Isa campaign, the investment industry hasn’t. Richard Dyson explains how to pick the best of the brokers

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The Telegraph:” How the Court of Protection left a 94-year-old without savings or dignity”. Slowly, over the past year, the most secretive part of our judicial system has emerged from the shadows. The Court of Protection was set up under the Mental Capacity Act 2005 to give social workers and lawyers the power to take over the lives of people, most of them elderly, who are ruled not to be capable of looking after their own affairs.

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The Telegraph:” The Tories can do more to woo the over-sixties”. Britain tends to overlook the over-sixties. Ros Altmann, the Government’s older people’s tsar, complains in an interview with this newspaper that clothes for older women, for instance, can be frumpy – as if those with a few flecks of grey are not interested in looking stylish…

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