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Date posted: Monday, June 01, 2015


Financial Times:” Liberty tax scheme investors hopeful of appeal success”.
Investors in a disputed tax saving investment scheme could get off the hook for millions in unpaid tax, according to the scheme’s promoters who have mounted a legal challenge against the tax authority. Click here to go directly to the article

Financial Times:” Fraud protection a priority, says pensions regulator chief”. Stronger safeguards for workplace savers are high on the agenda for the new pensions watchdog as fears of scams rise following industry reforms last month.

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Financial Times:” Queen’s Speech: What it means for investors, savers and landlords”. The Queen’s Speech set out the government’s legislative plans for the coming year. We look at what the announcements mean for you. Click here to go directly to the article

Financial Times:” Investors warned to act quickly over tax avoidance disputes”. Taxpayers being hauled over the coals for their involvement in disputed avoidance schemes should act soon to pursue legal redress for poor advice, lawyers have warned. Click here to go directly to the article


The Times:” Savers left in limbo by guarantee scheme”. Customers waited almost five months for their cash, while some banks refused to take compensation cheques

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The Times:” £1m pension raid may catch you”. Is £1M a lot of money? Yes, of course it is, you say. But is it a lot of money to have in your pension pot to pay for your retirement?

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The Times:” Flat-rate pension? Fat chance, for many of us”. Will you receive the new state pension next year? A simple flat-rate pay out of about £151 a week sounds like a good idea, replacing the complicated three-tier system of basic state pension, additional state pension, and pension credit.

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The Times:” Low-level tax evaders face jail in new purge”. If you’ve ‘forgotten’ to declare a few thousand pounds to the taxman, watch out. Revenue & Customs is increasingly sending low-level tax evaders to jail.

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The Times:” Small firms tax relief ‘is being abused'”. A tax relief to help small businesses is at the centre of an ‘abusive’ avoidance scheme that could cost Revenue & Customs £20 million, it is claimed.

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The Times:” HMRC stops chasing fines for late tax returns”. Hundreds of thousands of people who filed late tax returns have avoided a £100 fine for missing the deadline because they provided a ‘reasonable’ excuse, it emerged last night.

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The Times:” How to pay no tax on your pension”. It sounds like a fantasy. Lying on a sun-drenched European beach next to a new house that you’ve bought by getting hold of your pension pot without paying a penny in tax. But the new freedoms that came into effect in April mean that with careful planning and the right choice of destination those who retire overseas can do just that, according to tax experts.

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The Times:” Pensions deadline threat to small businesses”. Hundreds of thousands of small businesses are facing the threat of fines for failing to comply with new legislation requiring them to provide staff with a pension.

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The Telegraph:” Q&A: Should you top up your state pension?”. The top-up scheme is attracting huge interest from savers. But is it the best for your money?

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The Telegraph:” HMRC targets Etsy, eBay and Gumtree sellers – but when is your hobby taxable?”. Websites are being forced to hand over customer account data as the taxman targets 14,000 suspected evaders

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