A couple of years ago Simon Hasler, Director of Opus Gold, wrote a poem entitled ‘The Greatest Goal That Was Ever Scored’. The poem has recently been published in a poetry book  ‘Poems of Loss and Survival‘. The poem is about Brighton & Hove Albion in the troubled years and has since been put on the stadium wall. We thought we’d share the poem with you, which is below:


 It’s Christmas, there’s no mistletoe
Down to the Conference we must go
There’s no blue, there’s no white
The Goldstone’s full of Dynamite

The memories amassed through all the years
Washed away by supporters tears
Where is the Gritt, where is our Knight
No team, no hope, no fight

Sit in the circle the seagulls call
Break the bar, the F.A. does F All
Bellotti and Archer run from the ground
Note, what comes around goes around

The Brighton One sent to Prison
Sit in, match boycott, Petition after Petition
When will the FA hear our struggle
No clue, two points deducted they think we’re trouble

Then the Fans they are United
Is this the day our season’s ignited
We’re winning at home but losing away
But a glimmer of hope for the beginning of May

As weeks go by we’re catching up
Concentrate on the league we’re out of the cup
Lest we remember
That the Goldstone was buzzing in its final ember

We’ve arrived at the day the Goldstone dies
One more win and from the bottom we rise
Please God let there be a Brighton scorer
Oh, Oh, Oh, for Stuart Storer

13 points are soon forgotten; yes we are off the bottom 

The final day, Hereford our final chapter
The Albion’s survival for eleven to capture
But the chants are dead, the terrace a frown
It’s half time and we are one nil down

So whilst you are here in this magnificent ground
The debate of players past abound
I’ll cast your mind back to May 97
There’s 45 minutes for Hell or for Heaven 

The question remains that will never end
That drives supporters around the bend
Lies in Hereford miles away
On that dread full, unimaginable, fantastic day

The thousands that day that amassed the Welsh boarder
Need no DVD or video recorder
It’s not Nelson, Murray, Zamora or Ward
Robbie Reinelt’s was the greatest goal that we ever scored.

By Simon Hasler, Hove.

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