Sometimes we can all find financial information a bit confusing, or we simply don’t have time to read the pages of information explaining it, and it therefore often gets forgotten or put at the bottom of a very long ‘to do’ list. Opus Gold believes finance should be more engaging, replacing text with video tutorials so it’s easier to understand. That’s why we are developing a series of finance videos that explain clearly and precisely the content in a clear and visual way.

The first of our videos talks about Shareholder & Director protection, and how this can benefit you and your business. This short animated video shows step by step how shareholder protection works and gives you an example of how it can protect your business, which highlights how important it can be.

The financial planning requirements of a business owner can be very different to those of their employees. We realise this and offer a tailored service to manage your personal financial planning needs. After all, we also run a Company so we understand the issues you face! …The fundamental element in ensuring the business transition runs smoothly on the death of a director/shareholder is the Cross Option Agreement, without this you and your business could face major problems. Find out more here.

We are currently developing a series of finance videos, all aimed to help make the complicated subject of finance easier to understand, precisely and clearly. One of the benefits of our finance videos is they can easily be shared, making it simple to pass on the content to colleagues, family, friends and via social networks. Like what you see? We’d love to know your thoughts on our video and if you found it helpful. Why not share it on Twitter or Facebook and see what others think…

We hope you find our video useful and engaging and if you have any other suggestions or ideas for future videos we are always happy to hear them. Contact us here.

What others are saying about our video:

 The Money Advise Service: Great video – thanks for sharing with us!”

Stuart Walker, LinkedIn Business Member “The video is simple but perfectly explained, as long as the policy payments are achievable within standard running cost of the business then I expect this is a very popular product.”

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