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Date posted: Monday, March 09, 2015



Financial Times:” Campaigners sound income drawdown warning”. Savers buying new pension products which provide more flexibility over income, risk losing thousands of pounds in excessive fees, consumer campaigners have warned. Click here to go directly to the article

Financial Times:” Warnings over threats to ‘non-dom’ regime”. Changes to the regime that allows wealthy foreigners living in the UK to pay limited tax could have unforeseen and undesirable consequences, tax experts have warned.

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Financial Times:” Deadline looms for employee benefit trust users”. Taxpayers who have been paid through disputed trust arrangements have been warned they may face payment demands from the UK tax authority after a settlement window closes this month. Click here to go directly to the article

Financial Times:” HMRC nets £1.1bn as it doubles take from probes at multinationals”. HM Revenue & Customs raked in £1.1bn from challenging the pricing of multinational companies’ internal deals in 2013-14 — more than twice as much as in the previous year. Click here to go directly to the article


The Times:” Your four point plan for the tax-year end”. Your Isa allowance is just one place that you can make tax savings and, with an election in May, it is certain that some reliefs will be taken away or reduced if there is a change in government. For this reason it’s important to get your year-end tax planning taken care of before April 5.

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The Times:” Pensions raid could finance cuts in taxes “. Pensions were at the top of the news agenda this week with reports that the Tories may launch a pre-election tax cut in a giveaway budget on March 18.

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The Times:” Need a safe haven? Cash is not the answer”. Pension freedom rules will spell disaster for savers who use them to make poor investment decisions, experts have warned, after a report revealed that millions plan to withdraw their retirement pot to deposit at a bank.

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The Times:” Millions to lose out on flexible pensions “. Millions of investors looking forward to the new pension’s freedoms may be in for a rude awakening. Experts estimate that as many as nine out of ten savers reaching retirement are in pension plans that will block members from taking advantage of the new rules when they come into force on April 6.

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The Times:” Are you ready for the pension revolution?”. In the first part of our six-week guide we demystify the new regulations that will come into force on April 6

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The Times:” Watch out for hidden taxes before spending any windfall”. Are you planning to take cash out of your pension next month, and perhaps use it to fund a far-flung holiday, pay for much-needed home improvements or just cover day-to-day expenses?

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